OBVESTILA: Sporočamo, da je avtopralnica Špan spet pripravljena, da vam ponudimo naše izjemne storitve pranja osebnih avtomobilov in kombiniranih vozil.
Avtoservis Špan Galjevica je postal del podjetja Špan d.o.o.Več
Servisni sprejem vozil za pooblaščeni Volkswagen, Škoda in Seat se zdaj nahaja v novem prodajnem salonu. Več

About Us

Company Špan d.o.o. is a private company that was established in 1982. In 30 years we have developed an acclaimed and trusted brand as well as perfected the concept “everything for your vehicle in one place”.

Ever since company establishment, we focus on innovation and quality of services, and how can we provide customers greater added value.

The essence is not only in speed but also in quality of service. As a result of this principal we have obtained quality certification no. V-001 in 2001 – VULCANIZATION QUALITY WORKSHOP and in 2009 we obtained ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate.

We are constantly refining and improving our range of services, because we know that perfection is the only key to success.
Our service range includes:
▪ sales of tires and wheels
▪ vulcanization services for all types of vehicles (passenger, cargo, motorcycles, ...)
▪ optical measurements and chassis settings on the latest 3-D devices
▪ Volkswagen, Cupra, Seat and Volkswagen commercial vehicles car showroom
▪ sales of second hand vehicles
▪ sales and service od Sym skuters and motorcycles
▪ sales and service od Fondriest, Torpado, Esperia skuters and motorcycles
▪ authorized service of Mercedes-Benz passenger and light commercial vehicles
▪ authorized service of Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Volkswagen commercial vehicles
▪ body repairs
▪ Motocenter
▪ seasonal storage of tires and wheels
▪ Car wash and internal cleaning of vehicles
▪ Self-service car wash (open every day of the week)
▪ sales and installation of exhaust systems for all types of vehicles
▪ quick service ▪ wheel repair
▪ Seasonal storage of classic cars and motorcycles
▪ Technical control and registration of vehicles
▪ Car insurance
▪ Deregistration of vehicles
▪ Cafe Špan

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Špan d.o.o.
T: 01 365 81 10
E: Info@span.si